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Sunday morning long run.

The music in my ears becomes the soundtrack of my life.

I run down to the ocean

Pass the bluffs where I used to drink bottles of cheap wine

And yawped spoken word poems over the cliffs

The drink spraying off of my lips as I threw my arms forward.

As I leave the ocean, another song,

The first song I ever played drums to

And all of a sudden I’m back in my room with the lights off

Beating my drums in the dark, and

“where I go I… just don’t know.  I gotta gotta gotta take it slow.”

I turn the corner and another song

The song playing when I bashed my knuckles into bricks

Outside AJ’s house.  I couldn’t drive home because I was so scared.

O, Life, how have I managed to live you loud yet so quietly

A pendulum, swaying between extremes.

No more wine spraying from lips, now, a new song,

Sitting quietly on a cushion.

O, Life, how you have knocked me down a thousand times

And look, look how I keep coming back for more.


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